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Who We Are

Founded early 2010, we’re an award winning agency of talented people who know how to leverage technology, latest trends and creative disciplines for your business. We scale our work and our team to fit your project needs, whether that be a simple promo video, a feature rich info-graphic, motion designed commercial, short film vignette, story or a full scale marketing/brand package.

Our aim to create customer curiosity about your business is driven by the concepts and ideas we generate from a simple but effective process:

Imagine. Think. Do.



The “Big Cheese”.  Jamie was born in L.A. and raised in England.

Having worked in London, Europe and L.A. on live television, news, documentary and event productions for companies like the BBC, SKY, Channel4, HBO plus many others,  he brings over 18 years of experience to your projects.

During that time he worked with several large Outside Broadcast companies in almost every major UK venue. In 2000, he took a position as creative director for 9 years, and in late 2009 moved to Pensacola, Florida where he decided to start Concept Curious as an agency that leverages the impact of creativity with the power of technology and draws from his relationships all over the world.

Awkwardly known as the “determinator” and is more English than you’d realise.


ALISHA ANDERSON/vice-president

Administrative genius, Alisha is the glue that holds everything we do, together. Alisha is key to our projects success and makes sure none of the important details are missed. From finance to funding, project schedules to deadlines, even due diligence – Alisha’s role is to keep us on track and you happy.

Affectionately known as the “whip-cracker” and is a great musician…

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LUKE INFINGER/creative director

Creative Prowess, graduate of SCAD, man of many talents, Luke is the nitrous in our tank. He fuels our ideas, powers our engines and delivers the kind of concepts that will rock your world. Specializing in Animation and Cinematography, not only does he see things different, you’ll quickly see that he just is all around different and quite surprisingly, doesn’t need the force.

Stargazingly known as “the force” just for fun, but seriously…

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AJ RICE/concepts director

Started his first company when he was 16 years old. With training in design and video production, he brings an effervescent view to the table. With his light hearted attitude and energetic spirit he likes to be the cynosure of the group. A true bellwether that helps makes Concept Curious what it is.

Rambunctiously referred to as the “young blood”.

Exceptional ideas through working together.

How We Work

Our Philosophy

Imagine. Think. Do.

As an agency, we pull from the strengths of our diversity and come together as one team to exceed your expectations and help create customer satisfaction. Using the power of technology leveraged by the impact of creativity we specialize in web, social media, mobile delivery, digital, film/video and photography.

“We imagine differently, think differently, so your business can do things differently.”

Our Purpose

Create Concepts. Drive Curiosity.

We’re not afraid to think outside the box, in fact, we hate boxes. So, if you’re looking for something that’s been done before, we won’t be right for you. We push the limits and most of our clients will tell you – they like how we work and how we think. More importantly, our clients customers like what we do too.

Within ConceptCurious you’ll find some of the most unique Designers, Web Developers, Film-makers, Video Animators, TV Producers, Script writers and photographers and we’re always willing to expand our team to embrace new disciplines.

We are ConceptCurious and we exist to make the concept of your business…curious.

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